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Brandon and Boys - Giants Game - May 21


Brandon James Champion

1981 - 2020

Many of you that have used Grapevine Party Rentals in the past may have met Brandon Champion.  Brandon was the tall, handsome, polite man that may have loaded your car with chairs or put a tent up in your backyard.  Brandon was our son.  We lost Brandon on March 8th, 2020 from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident. He was 22 days short of his 39th birthday. 

Grapevine Party Rentals would not have happened, if not for Brandon.  He was an owner and instrumental with our start up, as well as being the catalyst for our large events.  Brandon also served his country as a U.S. Marine during Operation Enduring Freedom.  Brandon leaves behind his wife, Nicolina and his two young sons, Tyler and Lucas.  We miss Brandon beyond words, we miss our son.   


Semper Fidelis, Brandon 




Below is a video showing a side of Brandon that his customers never had a chance to see.  Brandon with his oldest son, Tyler, at Disneyland's It's a Bugs Life

Tyler-Halloween 2010 035.JPG
Brandon and Family at the house.jpeg

Brandon with his family, Nicolina, Tyler and Lucas